Company Profile

PT KOTA JATI FURINDO as the biggest furniture manufactory in Jepara,has been trusted to producehigh quality wooden products that have been spread around the world since 1988. Our main materials are Teak, Mahogany, Oak, Mindy, and currently Fruit woodwhich is being developed. As a non-stop innovating company, we develop our products not only by full solid wood, but we are also able to produce wooden combined with veneer and metal products. We also recycle the “off-cuts” to be the “Responsible Material” designated to the dynamic product, demonstrating our ‘ecological’ company concern.

Supported by our experienced R&D team with the up to date technology, we provide competitive prices and ensure on-time delivery, even for our customers’ own product designs. As to keep the high quality of all the products, our integrated QA team ensures the products at the very best quality.

With the factory area of 73.092 m2 andthe great experience of integrated wood industry from Sawmilling, Cutting, Machining, Process to Finishing, we proudly present the wide range of quality from Contemporary Indoor to the exclusive Garden Furniture, with production capacity up to 40 x 40 HC containers (indoor) and 25 x 40 HC containers (outdoor) monthly.

Maintained by integrated facility of log yard sawmilling and kiln dry, we ensure no queuing time on material preparation up to the assembling as we have 12 chamber of Hot Water Kiln Dry System of 30m3 each capacity. The four sawmilling line equipped with twelve chamber of Kiln Dry enable us to achieve 35 container of finish products monthly.

As we are supported by prodigious machinery systemand the integrated woodworking industry, our factory is surely best suited to produce high quality furniture and to be a massive production to support the markets’ needs.